Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stars, Antlers, Brooms, TVs, and Tables

Hey Jammers! Snow10217 here. Looks like our new items today are the Star Pillow (Jam Mart Clothing) and the Epic Antlers (Epic Wonders). I feel like it's a slight variation of the Star Rug that used to be sold awhile ago.
Star Rug
Star Pillow
The antlers are certainly epic, now you can turn your deer into an elk.

Plus, with the update there is now a clear den feature located on the left of the lock and music features in the edit den mode.
Clean, clean, clean
Also the Beta TV was added to the Beta Shop......I wonder if the Jammers have better opinions about it now.....

Looks kinda funny, I got this picture from the AJ Spirit Blog
Plus, the Beta Table.
You'll never have to set the table again

Well, I guess that's all. See you in Jamaa!