Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beta Party: Tour, Beta Shop, My Opinion, and an Exclusive Interview with Two Lucky Jammers!

Hey Jammers! Snow10217 here, sorry about the lack of posts! You probably already know about all this....of well! The Beta Party is here! For those of you who haven't been here's a tour of the den and the items for sale! Plus, what I think of it.
My opinion: So, you may have heard the rumors that the party doesn't have "real" Beta items. I think what AJHQ says it Beta IS Beta 'cause none of us REALLY know. The people who say the items aren't REALLY Beta might have had a different image of Beta in there mind than AJHQ said, too bad I guess. The den items placed around the party don't seem very Beta-ish to me......I see those all the time in Jamaa! Only the store seems authentic. Also there's no music, I guess they didn't have music back then? But, you can decide for yourself by checking out these images or just going to the party now!
PS: Sorry about the Jammers everywhere, I couldn't find an empty one.

The Beta Store
Middle floor

Basement, the Beta Store is on the right, where you can't see

Top floor
Interview with: ArtGirl07, Member
Reporter:Do you think the look of the party is Beta enough? ArtGirl07: No, it needs more items in the shop.
Reporter: Do you think the items in the store are Beta enough?
ArtGirl07: Maybe, I wasn't in the Beta Days.

Interview with: goodkenzie, Nonmember
Reporter:Do you think the look of the party is Beta enough? goodkenzie: No
Reporter: Do you think the items in the store are Beta enough?
goodkenzie: No


So, that's what two real life Jammers think of the Beta Party. Hoped you liked my post!
See you in Jamaa!

PS: Hey Jammers! Snow10217 and Skiing15843 here.  Looks like enough people took our Get to Know us Survey(Thanks, Jammers!) that now we can answer 5 of your questions.

What is your  favorite animal on AJ?
Snow10217: Arctic Wolf
Skiing15843: Snow Leopard

How many rares do you have on AJ?
Snow10217: Five, but Skiing15843 has a significant amount more.
Skiing15843: Forty-three....0_0

What is one item you wish you had on AJ?
Snow10217: Rare claw
Skiing15843: Headdress

Will you ever add any more authors to the blog?
Snow10217 and Skiing15843: We hope to add more authors, maybe one day we will.

What is your  favorite accessory on AJ?
Snow10217: Cross Bow
Skiing15843: Headdress

Hope that answered all your questions, if you have more about us, the blog, our contests, or anything else AJ related send us an email ( See you in Jamaa and play wild!
-Snow10217 and Skiing15843