Monday, July 7, 2014

Trading Party

Hey Jammers! Snow10217 here. Today when I was playing AJ I noticed AJHQ changed the look of the trading party den (is that what you call it? Maybe it more like an area? I don't know!). You should check it out. See you in Jamaa!
See the difference? Sorry I don't have a picture of the old one to go with :D

Rare Item Monday and An Outfit Contest

Hey Jammers, happy Rare Item Monday! Snow10217, here. The Rare of the day is.........(Drum roll please!)Buddadadadadadada(that probably isn't really drum roll like....Oh well!)..........................................

The RARE Samurai Helmet!!!

OK that may or may not be as exciting to you as I made it sound. 
Also new today where having an outfit contest! Just put on your favorite outfit and take picture of yourself in one of the photo booths (Located in Sarepia Forest Theater Lobby and......somewhere else, I'm not sure where (if you know comment below to tell me).)Then, comment on the "Contests and Artwork" page with the picture and your username winners will receive a prize!!! See you in Jamaa (does anyone really know how to spell that word? 'Cause I think I keep doing it wrong!)!
PS:Please specify weather your in our outfit contest or just showing off your artwork, because they may look similar.